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Kuala Lumpur ~ Past Life Regression Experience~

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08.08.2008 (Fri)

I've always wanted to know if there is past life and life beyond death. From the papers and books I read, I learn that people whether or not believe in past life experience and in life beyond death, they claim that they recall the details of previous lives, under hypnosis, and it makes me wonder if I also had past lives. In this trip to Malaysia I had a chance to go through a past life regression, which I've always wanted to experience.

This is what I witnessed under hypnosis:

My First Experience of a Past-Life Regression


…100, 99, 98, 97, 96…88…82…
…I see myself walking down the stairs. When I reach to the bottom of the stairs, there is a door (it is opened and it is so bright) just in front of me. In my left arm, I'm holding a light brown color teddy bear with a heart shape on its stomach. I look at my foot and I see I am wearing a pairs of black leather shoes and a pairs of white socks. Then I look at my body I am wearing a brown colored dress with flower pattern and with lace at the bottom, and a white pinafore over my dress. Then, I use a third-person perspective looking at myself and I see I have got long curly brown hair with a red ribbon on my hair, round cheeks and I have got so many freckles on my face. I'm just a little girl aged 7 or 8 and my skin color is white. I slowly walk through the door and on the far left side, I see people (2, 3 or 4 female) preparing food or serving meal on one of the rectangular shape table (there are two wood tables parallel to each other) in a backyard of a big house. Right now I'm just standing here on the ground and scared to make any movement. The ground is covered with green grass; no flowers in the backyard. When I am encouraged by the hypnotherapist to walk around, I walk closer to the ladies and now they are standing here in front of me and looking at me (shift to first-person perspective). The one on the left is a fat old woman who is wearing a black colored dress with a white full-length apron and a white hat. The image I see is so clear and vivid. She has freckles on her cheeks, many wrinkles on her forehead and on her face as well. She looks very unfriendly and she is talking (to me?). I can't hear anything at all except the warm voice of Dr. Teoh (the hypnotherapist). The other one on the right looks a lot younger, taller and nicer than the first woman, and she is wearing a brown colored dress also with a white full-length apron and a white hat. She also has freckles on her face. Both of them are maids, and all of a sudden, I think that I am also a maid because I dress like them...



A Black Classic Car

I walk to the entrance gate. It is a pair of black wrought iron gates, round at the top border. The gates open when I walk through them. Now, I'm standing outside the gates and in a glimpse, I see a black classic car passing by. It is a fully-closed body car with windows, four wheels, round and short at the rear. There is a man aged around 40 or 50 who is driving the car. Through the car window I can see that the steering wheel of the car is on the right, and the man has moustache, which is narrow and it is in the area between the nose and the upper lip. Moreover, he is wearing a black suit and a black hat. I don't know who he is. I guess he is just someone who passes by. Before the car is driven away from me, I see numbers at the rear of the car, which are 1, 5, 0 and others two numbers I can't see. After that, I walk closer to the fountain which is located at the one o'clock position of the iron gates.



A Newspaper Delivery Boy (Paperboy)

At the fountain, I meet a boy (same age as me, 7 or 8). He is wearing a brown colored blouse and a waistcoat (also brown color) over the blouse. In his head, he is wearing a brown colored checkered pattern tweed flat cap. He looks very pretty and friendly. He has freckles on his cheeks and his skin color is white. He is standing in front of me. After a while, he is playing with me at the fountain. I don't know who he is. I look at his foot then I see a pair of black leather shoes he is wearing is worn out. He has got many newspapers in his arm. He is a newspaper delivery boy...

He has to leave. He turns around and is walking in the direction to the city. Behind him, there is a short hair black and white dog of medium size following him on the road. The dog stares at me with a pair of red eyes, which makes me very scary. I decide to follow the boy to see where he is going. The boy doesn't know that he is being followed but the dog knows that I'm following them. I come to a grey flat paved road or a bridge (for both pedestrian and automobile). When I look down to the right side, I see that underneath the paved road (or the bridge) it is a one-way traffic lane (5 to 8 lane traffic) with many cars traveling from one destination to another. As I continue to walk, I see a woman in a long black dress walking in my opposite direction. She is holding a white (ivory) colored parasol with lace and a long handle. I don't know who she is. She passes me by...

I keep stalking the boy at a far distance. I walk pass the paved road (or the bridge) and now I come to a store with green small grids and small glasses. I stop stalking the boy because in front of me it is an old man with white hair sitting in front of the store. He is a shoe repairman.



A Shoe Repairman (An Old Man)

All of a sudden, I recognize this old man!! “Oh my God! It's him!” I cry emotionally at the moment I know who he is. He is the shoe repairman, who had helped me when I was lost near the pharmacy in my current life (this was happening in my current life, when I was 4 or 6 years old). He sent me back to my parents when I was lost.

I get so emotional and I can't stop crying. I can't believe that he is the same shoe repairman who I've met both in my previous and current life. Although he looks so different but I know that is him! He is an old man and has got white hair and a pairs of big round eyes (previous life), and he was a middle-aged man with black hair in my current life (when I was at the age of 4 or 6)...

When I stop crying (with the help of Dr. Teoh) I learn that the old man is very lonely and sad because he has separated from his family. When I know more about him, I start to know a little bit about myself. I have got no parents and being left to somebody else in the big house. I am so alone and feeling abandoned! The old man has got children, but his children left him as they grow up. He is also sad and feeling alone. I am his friend. Every time I come to buy goods in the city I would stop by and would spend some time talking with him. He likes people to listen to him, and I am a good listener. I say thank you to the old man for helping me (in my current life as Cristina) when I was lost. I send him love and gratitude. I am so grateful to him for being in my lives... (I can hardly express all my feeling in words. All I can say it is that the feeling is so magical and spiritual.)



A Woman Who Claims That She Is My Mother

I want to go back to the big house. I send love to the old man, and say goodbye to him. I know that I will see him tomorrow. Now, I am in the bedroom of the big house. I am sitting on a chair in front of the window. From the small window I can only see clouds moving in the sky because the window is located above my eye level. I am just sitting here and doing nothing. I don't like to work and I like to stay in the bedroom an entire day to avoid working. Once I step out of my bedroom I need to work. (I have a feeling that I work in the kitchen). No one in the house talks to me. I feel so alone and abandoned...

I'm with my teddy bear, lying on my bed, relaxing...

(long pause)

I get out of my bedroom and walk down the stairs. I come to a big open kitchen where I see many maids are working hard. They are preparing food and cooking. I see one of the maids is wearing a dark green dress with a full-length apron over the dress. Next to the kitchen, there is a dining table where it is seated a bald man with big eyes. He looks so angry. I have no idea who he is…

I am back to my bedroom lying on my bed again... I see a woman standing next to my bed watching me. I don't know who she is. She is wearing the same thing as the maids. So, I guess she is a maid. She is telling me that she is my mother. I don’t believe her and she can't be my mother! I have no mother and father! I don't know why I'm here and why I'm being left here. In this moment, I know what my name is – it is Lucy... The woman keeps telling me that she is my mother but I don't believe her... Everyone in the house is a liar! I trust no one…except the old man ... and the boy...

All of a sudden, the door opens, and the boy (the paperboy) brings a man in a man suit to my bedroom... Now, they are all standing next to my bed watching over me...

...I bring a woman in a black dress (she looks like the woman with a parasol who I saw on the paved road) to the old man (the shoe repairman). As we are in front of the old man, the woman disappeared. The old man gives me some coins for me to buy food I like. I am so happy to receive the coins... I walk away from him...

I am in my bedroom again. I am Cristina (current life) at the moment, facing opposite to Lucy (my previous life). I shift to first-person perspective as Cristina. At the suggestion of Dr. Teoh, I approach the little girl Lucy to send her love and help. Lucy refuses to accept any help from me. She pushes me away and she doesn't want anyone to help her. She thinks that her life is a misery. For this reason, she wants Cristina, her future self, to be misery as well... She says she doesn't know me at all and wants me to go away.

With the help of Dr. Teoh, Lucy feels that she is protected by white light. Now, I shift back to first-person perspective as Lucy, and Cristina is not here anymore. When I'm within the light, I suddenly receive information about Einstein. Everybody is talking about Einstein at that moment. He is famous and his photograph has been published on the newspapers... After awhile, I concentrate on Lucy again... I feel so safe in the light... I start to become mindly opened ... and free of mistrusting people from the house... Now, many people are right in front of me, including the woman who claims that she is my mother...

The maids tell me that she (the woman) is my mother! I get so emotional ... and tears begin to flow unstoppably out of my eyes... Yes! ... That's right! She is my mother! I know it all now! She was weak and she was dead after giving birth to me. That is why I'm being left here in this big house. It wasn't her choice to leave me and it wasn’t her fault!

I can't stop crying... I know that she loved me so much! ... Moreover ... I recognize that she is my mother in my current life!

The maids knew everything... They knew why I was here and who my parents were. They just didn't want to tell me because they were afraid that I could get hurt... They are not liar as I thought they were ... They just wanted to protect me... All the maids, my mother and I are now all in the backyard. I visualize my mother goes into the light with joy and love... She is protected by light and I'm protected by white light as well... Everyone is watching her floating up to the sky, leaving us. My mother loves me so much. As she floats higher and higher, I pass my teddy bear to her to express that I love her...


The City (The War Is Coming Soon)

After that, I have a desire to go out to the city. It is full of curiosity out there. However, maids are not allowed to go out of the house, unless to buy goods in the city...

I walk pass the entrance gate of the house...to the paved road (the bridge)...and then I arrive to the city. It is hazy and everywhere looks so blue and grey. I witness a group of military units. Oh my God! The country is preparing for war! I feel unsecured at that moment. I turn around and want to go back to the house immediately. The war is coming soon and I need to tell the old man...

I come to the old man and tell him that the war is coming. The old man says that he already knows it. I ask him why this is happening, and he doesn't know the answer. In a sudden, on my left, I see military jeeps passing by. There is a flag put at the rear of the jeeps. It is a flag with a red circle in the middle on a white background with red rays extending outward from the red circle. Then I look at the sky, I see sort of hot air balloon (observation balloon) with people inside a basket. There is a number printed on the balloon but I can't see it clearly... I’m so scared! ... It is the Second World War!



The End

The time has been moved forward.
Now, the war is over. Everywhere is destroyed and there are dead bodies on the street. I'm not sure whether I'm still alive or not...I am now in spirit form. I come to the front of the shop where the old man used to be here. He isn't here! Then, I sit on the ground watching the movement of the clouds in the sky. I ask myself why all this happen and why there is a war. I don’t know the answers...

In spirit form, I found the old man! ...
(I shift to third-person perspective)
The old man comes to take me to go into the light with him. (I don't want to leave the physical world now, I linger around and after a few seconds I come closer to the old man). He holds my hand and takes me into the light. We are surrounded by clouds. The old man looks joyful. He wears a clean and smart looking striped man suit. As we are moving forward I see myself (Lucy, the little girl) is gradually changing from long brown curly hair into black straight hair. I become an Asian little girl. The session ends when we arrive at the gate.



  • I'd like to say thank you to Dr. Teoh for the wonderful experience and for his love and kindness that have guided me through the session. It is an amazing experience that I won't forget. Thank you!

Several weeks after the experience I had a strange dream in which I saw people dressing the same costume as what I've seen in the past life regression, and an inner voice told me that it was in Australia...

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

07.08.200 (Thu) ~ 10.08.2008 (Sun)

1. Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya / 2. Travel Buddy: Bibu

This is the hotel where I stayed. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 19:40. Then, I got to the city via Express Rail Link (ERL), which directly transported me to the KL Sentral Station within 28 minutes. It is very convenience and easy! I recommend it to people who would like to save time. The Rail Link is located at the 1st level of the airport and the fee cost $35 Malaysian Ringgit (RM) per person for a single trip.

~ ~ ~

In this little journey, I've been to only a few places in Kuala Lumpur, such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Bukit Bintang, Deer Park, Central Market and Chinatown, in which the Twin Towers is my favorite visiting site! Moreover, the thing I like most in Malaysia is the FOOD!! So, forget about diets when you are in Kuala Lumpur! When I arrived to Petaling Street, China Town and Bukit Bintang, I found many kinds of restaurants almost everywhere in the streets. There is such a great variety of Malay Food, Chinese Food, exotic cuisine from North and South India, as well as Nyonya and Portuguese Food, that I can not resist!

These are photos of my breakfast in Petaling Jaya:



~ ~ ~

These are the places I've been to:
Petronas Twin Tower

Monorail - Rm$1.20 per person, from Bukit Nanas to Bukit Bintang

1. Lunch at Bukit Bintang / 2. Dinner at Secret Recipe

I got in to the Deer Park through here! (cause i couldn't find the entrance) :-)

Kuala Lumpur Deer Park is an attraction within the Lake Garden, the park features several local species of deer. It is interesting to see hinds, does and fawns, representing some of the smaller species, roaming freely in the sprawling valley. At the edge of the park near the stream you may catch sight of the mouse deer, the world's smallest hoofed animal. Much to the delight of visitors, these friendly deer will usually come close to be fed as you watch them. Moreover, the admission is free!!

This is Central Market, it serves as a cultural center for tourists and locals alike, showcasing and uniting the wonderful diversity found within Malaysia.

At the Petaling Street.

Petaling Street at night.

My dinner! Noodles!

My breakfast! :D

Got back to the Petronas Twin Towers to take a night shot!

To view more photos of Kuala Lumpur, please follow the link below:

To view my photos and collections at Featurepics.com:
<a href='http://www.featurepics.com/Authors/Images56029.aspx'><img src='http://www.featurepics.com/Images/FeaturePics_l1.jpg' border='0'></a>

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